About Emlece Cypher

About Emlece Cypher

Welcome to Emlece Cypher’s world of rhythm, innovation, and beats that resonate with the soul. Born on July 21, 2000, Emlece Cypher embodies the pulse of Ugandan Afro-pop music. He isn’t just an artist; he’s a maestro who orchestrates melodies that captivate hearts and move bodies.


From the vibrant streets of Kampala emerges a multifaceted talent—a vocalist, music producer, songwriter, web developer, and video production virtuoso. Emlece Cypher is the driving force behind Delta 500 Records, a haven for premium beats, MIDI packs, drum kits, and original compositions that redefine the music landscape.

The Maestro Behind Delta 500 Records

Emlece Cypher’s journey isn’t just about making music; it’s about crafting sonic experiences that transcend boundaries. As the owner of Delta 500 Recording Studio, he pioneers innovation, pushing the envelope of sound creation while infusing every composition with authenticity and creativity.

Crafting Soundscapes

Within the walls of Delta 500 Records, Emlece Cypher orchestrates a symphony of rhythm and melody, sculpting beats that defy convention. His commitment to excellence resonates through each high-quality production, offering not just beats, but emotions woven into every note.

A Visionary Artiste

Recognized in the industry as “the problem on the beat,” Emlece Cypher’s prowess extends beyond the studio. His vision encompasses not just music but extends to website development, video production, and a dedication to redefining the narrative of modern music-making.

Beyond Borders

Based near Brother Ronnie’s Church on Makindye Salama Road, E.T.M Street in Kampala, Uganda, Emlece Cypher’s influence reaches far beyond geographical boundaries. His music transcends borders, weaving together cultures and emotions into a universal symphony.

Connect with Emlece Cypher

Experience the magic of Emlece Cypher’s music, explore premium beats, MIDI packs, drum kits, and original compositions at EmleceCypher.com. For inquiries, collaborations, or simply to immerse yourself in the world of rhythm, reach out at +256758224150.

Join the movement. Feel the beats. Embrace the artistry of Emlece Cypher.