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Welcome to Emlece Cypher’s world of music, where innovation meets soulful beats. Born on July 21, 2000, Emlece Cypher is at the forefront of Ugandan Afro-pop and brand ambassador of kidandali beats. More than just an artist, he’s a mastermind behind melodies that enchant and energize.


From Zero to Hero.

The Talent Behind Delta 500 Records

From the lively streets of Kampala comes Emlece Cypher, a versatile talent known for his skills in singing, producing music, writing songs, developing websites, and making videos. He’s the force behind Delta 500 Records, offering top-quality music beats, MIDI packs, drum kits, and original compositions that redefine music.

Leading Delta 500 Records

Emlece Cypher isn’t just about making music; he’s about creating sonic experiences that break boundaries. As the owner of Delta 500 Recording Studio, he’s a pioneer, pushing the boundaries of sound creation while keeping each composition authentic and creative.

Creating Soundscapes

In the walls of Delta 500 Records, Emlece Cypher crafts a symphony of rhythm and melody, creating beats that go beyond the norm. His dedication to excellence is evident in every high-quality production, where emotions are woven into every note.

A Visionary Artist

Recognized in the industry as “the problem on the beat,” Emlece Cypher’s talent extends beyond the studio. His vision encompasses not only music but also website development, video production, and a commitment to reshaping modern music-making.

Going Beyond Borders

Based near Brother Ronnie’s Church on Makindye Salama Road, E.T.M Street in Kampala, Uganda, Emlece Cypher’s influence goes far beyond geographical borders. His music transcends boundaries, blending cultures and emotions into a universal symphony.

Connect with Emlece Cypher

Experience the magic of Emlece Cypher’s music and explore premium beats, MIDI packs, drum kits, and original compositions at EmleceCypher.com. For inquiries, collaborations, or to immerse yourself in the rhythm, contact him at +256758224150.

Join the movement. Feel the beats. Embrace the artistry of Emlece Cypher.


The Award Considered

I recieved a grammy consideration of one of my latest productions sang by eddy kenzo featuring the masaka kids in 202.



Grammy Considered

Honorable Award from Most Popular Music Magazine

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